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Truly Invisible Sound from SolidDrive

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Invisible sound. Sound without exposed wires and outlets. Sound without clutter. Sound without giant boxes collecting dust and consuming valuable space in your home.

Sound without Speakers

It sounds too good to be true, but with a new technology breakthrough from SolidDrive you can have all of the above. Unlike in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, Solid Drive isn’t just camouflaged sound, it’s actually invisible sound. The SolidDrive can mounted behind cabinets, under tables, in ceilings or behind walls, where you’ll never see it again.

Conventional speakers cause peaks, valleys, and uneven sound distribution – however SolidDrive is able to avoid these problems as invisible sound doesn’t just emulate from one spot. Unlike a conventional speaker, it radiates the entire plane to which it’s attached, resulting in a much wider sound field. These evenly distributed waves blanket the room in smooth, even, invisible sound.

Take a look at a few of our Invisible Sound products:

invisible sound system solution SolidDrive SD1 The SD1
mounts “in-wall” and “in-ceiling” by attaching directly to the drywall with a patented balanced cantilever spring bracket. The bracket spans the studs, providing strength, stability and vibration-free operation. Available in a chrome or titanium finish.


invisible sound system solution SolidDrive SD1gSD1g
For use vertically or horizontally on glass or other smooth, non-porous materials. The SD1g is attached with a double-sided adhesive disc. The SolidDrive SD1g provides excellent performance on windows, acrylic and granite sheets, and nearly any other rigid non-porous surface. Please use our demo kit (SD1 Desktop Kit – 250) to see if the surface is suitable. Available in a chrome, black or titanium finish. The SD1s works best on single pane glass up to 3/8″ thick. Double pane will also work if the SD1g is mounted to the radiating surface. For the drive to perform at its best the glass should be seated into the frame.


invisible sound system solution SolidDrive SDsmSD1sm
For use mounted to wood and other porous surfaces. The SolidDrive SD1sm mounts to the surface by utilizing 4 screws to securely attach the SolidDrive underneath wood desks, tables, cabinets, paneling, and even under hardwood floors. The SD1sm includes (1) SolidDrive SD1sm and plenum rated wiring with Eurostyle connector. Available in a chrome, black, or titanium finish.



invisible sound system solution SolidDrive DesktopSD1 Desktop Kit 250
For use on top of any horizontal surfaces including glass, granite, metal, wood, ceramics, laminates, and composites. Special silicone rubber pad “grips” any nonporous surface. Available in a chrome finish. The SD1 Desktop Kit 250 is ideal for testing how a SolidDrive will sound on any
horizontal or vertical surface prior to permanent installation.



To find out more about the SolidDrive invisible sound system, post your questions and comments on our FACEBOOK site. For even more discrete and invisible sound solutions, check out the Secret Sound product line from MSE Audio.

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