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SolidDrive Invisible Speakers, Explained

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Invisible speakers sounds a little to good to be true, don’t they? Many of our customers can’t believe their ears when we tell them that we can provide high-fidelity, invisible sound without any grilles or speakers. However, invisible speakers from SolidDrive technology are not a scam or a myth. Time after time, people are astounded by the sound that SolidDrive promises and cant help but wonder: how does it all work?

SolidDrive Invisible Speakers

OK, how do these “invisible speakers” work?

The important element to understand is that SolidDrive is technically not a speaker at all – it’s a sound transducer. While a conventional speaker utilizes a vibrating motor to directly transfer acoustical energy to the surrounding air, SolidDrive uses a dual, symmetrically opposed motors to directly transfer acoustical energy to a solid surface. The concept is generally the same, but getting great sound out of a solid surface can be a bit tricky, which is what makes these invisible speakers so unique. SolidDrive is much more powerful than other transducers, provides much greater frequency range, and is much more reliable. In fact, we’re so confident that SolidDrive won’t break, that every unit comes with a seven year warranty.

Does it work with any material?

SolidDrive performs best when it is installed on rigid surfaces. This category includes glass, ceramic, granite, marble, metal, drywall, wood, laminates, composites, gypsum panels, fiberglass, and acrylics. For materials like granite and marble the sound quality produced depends on the thickness of the material itself. SolidDrive is able to be installed not only on a variety of materials but also in a variety of structures, a few of these include walls, ceilings, floors, tables, and even items of furniture.

Since the material onto which the invisible speakers are installed has such a great effect on its sound, SolidDrive offers passive equalization modules, as well as switchable active equalizers in the SD-250 amplifier. Therefore the secret to providing powerful, high-quality, invisible sound doesn’t just lie in SolidDrive’s highly advanced technology, proper installation is just as important.


 SolidDrive Invisible Speakers Passive Equalizers


To find out more about SolidDrive invisible speakers, post your questions and comments on our FACEBOOK site. For even more detailed information and potential applications, check out the Technology section.

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