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Mini Compact Amplifiers from SoundTube & SolidDrive Now Shipping

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Park City, Utah – SoundTube Entertainment has announced the availability of the SA502 and SD-250 mini compact amplifiers. Designed for local amplification of speakers and SolidDrive units, these mini compact amplifiers each provide two channels with up to 90 watts per channel along with a variety of audio routing and control options in a very small footprint.

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Both units accept balanced, unbalanced or high level inputs and provide multiple output modes along with the option to remotely trigger audio or have it always on. The mini compact amplifiers come equipped with an auto-sensing circuit that will idle down the device after 10 minutes without an input signal, and power it back up again when a signal is detected. Connections are made with quick-connect Euroblocks and a stereo mini-jack for the unbalanced input. Units can be operated in stereo, bridged or mono modes.

Each amplifier measures just 1.2” x 3.9” x 4” (2.5cm x 7.6 cm x 10.2 cm). A mounting bracket is supplied with each product allowing it to be mounted to a pole with straps or attached to a surface with mounting screws; an optional rack mount kit is available.

Mini Compact Amplifier SolidDrive SD-250
SolidDrive SD-250 Mini Compact Amplifier


Two features set the units apart. The SD-250 is designed as a companion unit to SolidDrive units and includes on-board EQ curves for wood, drywall or glass operation along with a flat EQ setting. The SA502 does not provide SolidDrive EQ curves but offers a 120 Hz, 12 dB/octave high pass filter switch (selectable between the high pass filter and full range settings).

“Customers have been asking for a full featured 50 watt, stereo amplifier small enough to place in kiosks or on AV carts,” said Duke Ducoff, MSE Audio VP of Sales. “Both of these amplifiers fit this need nicely, and for our SolidDrive customers, is no longer necessary to find a place in the installation for both an amp and an EQ unit.”


About SoundTube

SoundTube Entertainment, based in Park City, Utah USA, develops, manufactures and markets loudspeakers for installed sound. Our broad range of products includes RSi and RS-EZ open-ceiling, CMi, CM-BGM and CM-EZ in-ceiling, SMi surface-mount, XT outdoor, HPi high-power, FP sound-focusing, LA columnar line array and IP-addressable speaker models along with the WLL wireless delivery system, SolidDrive surface-direct and Rockustics speaker brands. SoundTube products are installed in many of the world’s best-known commercial operations. SoundTube is part of MSE Audio®, Overland Park Kansas.

About SolidDrive

SolidDrive® is a powerful hidden sound transducer that transmits acoustical energy through almost any solid surface. The entire surface becomes a speaker delivering high-quality sound with the frequency response of conventional diaphragm speakers. SolidDrive provides a distinct advance for audio systems used in home theater systems, distributed audio, and other high-performance audio applications. SolidDrive works with rigid surfaces that include glass, drywall, granite, metal, wood, ceramics, laminates and composites. Because the SolidDrive utilizes materials already existing in a room, it is ideal for installed home audio, commercial audio, home theater surround systems, or anywhere an invisible sound source is desired. SolidDrive is part of MSE Audio®, Overland Park Kansas.

Company Contact
Duke Ducoff, VP of Sales
MSE Audio
+1 435.647.9555 x 2320

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Elaine Jones Associates
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