SolidDrive Products by MSE Audio


Producing Invisible Sound

SolidDrive has designed and engineered a SolidDrive product for every invisible sound application. The SolidDrive hidden sound system solution provides options for in-wall, in-ceiling, surface mount, and glass applications.


Powering Up Invisible Sound

SolidDrive subwoofers and amplifiers are the ideal in-wall companions to the SolidDrive SD1 invisible sound system. Passive Equalization Modules are also available to accompany your SolidDrive purchase.

SolidDrive Products by MSE Audio


Invisible Sound Outdoors

Truly omni-directional sound with no grille holes to give away the speaker: only SolidDrive. technology can achieve great audio outdoors from a perfectly camouflaged enclosure. Unlike other “rock” speakers, the RockSolid’s polyurethane shell IS the speaker. Sound emanates from every square inch of the RockSolid’s surface, produced by patented SolidDrive sound transducers mounted on the inside of the enclosure.