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RockSolid Invisible Rock Speakers: No Grilles, No Holes – Just Sound!

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Truly “Invisible” Rock Speakers!

SolidDrive technology brings you more advancements in the field of sound without speakers with its newest breakthrough: The RockSolid, a truly “invisible” rock speaker without any kind of grille.

Ultra Realistic Invisible Rock Speakers without grilles - SolidDrive RockSolid (2)
The world’s most realistic rock speaker – SolidDrive RockSolid


For years, SolidDrive has been providing sound without speakers to your living room and home theaters due to cutting edge technology which utilizes high-powered sound transducers to convert any solid surface into an invisible audio system. Now, SolidDrive technology is ready to move out of your home and into your garden, pool, and back porch with RockSolid, an ultra-realistic, “invisible” outdoor rock speaker with no grilles.

The invisible rock speaker creates sound with no grille holes to give it away. That’s because unlike other rock speakers, the polyurethane shell doesn’t just try to camouflage the speaker – it IS the speaker. Thanks to the patented SolidDrive technology it is possible to take any solid surface and turn it into a speaker – fiberglass, polyurethane, and epoxy molds being excellent sound conductors. The SolidDrive sound transducers are mounted on the inside of the rock enclosure, making your speaker system secret virtually invisible and weatherproof.

The ultra realistic rock speaker without grille holes comes complete with two SD1 units mounted on the inside. RockSolid includes one passive equalization module, one low-frequency passive equalization module, two heat sink fins mounted on the SD1 units, a Eurostyle connector, and theft resistance bracket.

RockSolid grille-less rock speakers come in a variety of colors in order to blend discretely into your existing outdoor space. Finishes include sandstone, charcoal, and red rock. However if you are seeking a different shade our artists can design custom colors. The enclosure color isn’t just painted on – it penetrates all the way through to the other side, meaning the Rocksolid weathers realistically, without significant fading or scratching.


Frequency Response: 60-15,000 Hz Nominal w/o EQ
Max Program Power (w/ separate amplifier): 200 watts, w/ 100 Hz 12dB / octave high-pass
Max Amplifier Power (included mini amplifier): 2 x 50 watts
Housing Body Dimensions: Diameter (58 mm / 2.3″), Height (51 mm / 2.05″), Weight (0.54 kg / 1.2 lb)
Mounting Foot Diameter: 51 mm / 2.0″

Ultra Realistic Invisible Rock Speakers without grilles - SolidDrive RockSolid
Now that’s realistic!



To find out more about these new “invisible” outdoor rock speakers, post your questions and comments on our FACEBOOK site. For more outdoor audio products, check out our sister companies – SoundTube & Rockustics.

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