SolidDrive® Technology

Smooth, Even Coverage from any Surface

The patented technology at the heart of SolidDrive® transforms any solid surface (such as drywall, glass, wood, or fiberglass) into a sound source. The powerful SolidDrive directly transfers acoustic energy to the surface it’s mounted to, creating a large and dynamic sound field. With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive gives you the freedom to have Sound without Speakers. Since SolidDrive resonates over a large surface area, the sound it produces travels further. In fact, loss of volume over distance is roughly 35% less than with conventional speakers. This low distance factor, combined with SolidDrive’s 120˚ ultrawide coverage angle, means you’ll experience remarkably even sound coverage throughout the entire room.

Patented Technology

SolidDrive is powerful and produces high-fidelity sound. A patented axial shaft suspension with dual bearings keeps the drive stable and distortion-free in any mounting configuration, with smooth frequency response from 60hz to 15khz. Patented, dual opposing motors in a single drive enable efficiency and high power handling. Even though SolidDrive can generate ample sound from a flat surface using as little as 5 to 15 watts, it can also be used in high-output applications with power levels up to 100 watts.

SolidDrive requires no special equipment to function – It connects to any conventional amplifier or receiver using standard speaker wire. This means that not only can SolidDrive use pre-existing wiring, but it can be powered and equalized using the equipment you already own.

Safe, Strong, and Designed to Last

SolidDrive meets strict UL 1480 and UL2043 safety requirements and is safe for use in any home or business. SolidDrive won’t damage walls, windows, or furniture. At maximum output, SolidDrive only vibrates the surface it’s attached to roughly 0.006 of an inch. SolidDrive doesn’t wear out or require lubrication – all parts are fabricated from heavy-duty industrial materials designed to withstand long-term vibrations. That’s why all SolidDrive units are covered by a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In The Home

Your home is your space – so keep it that way! SolidDrive is the world’s first invisible, high-fidelity solution for home theater. By utilizing walls, windows, cabinets, and countertops, you won’t have to worry about matching external speakers to your décor. With it’s wide, even sound field, SolidDrive performs equally well for surround-sound movies in a theater room as it does for stereo music playback in a kitchen or garage. Need extended bass response for bass-heavy music or movies? SolidDrive has developed two matching in-wall subwoofers with paintable grilles that easily blend in with the décor of your room.

On The Go/Demo Kit

Perfect for travel and demoing, SolidDrive’s desktop kit is all you need to transform any horizontal surface (such as a desk, counter-top, picnic table, conference table, or a unique material) into a full-range speaker. No special equipment is needed - the kit works with laptops, mp3 players, or any other device that uses a headphone jack. Special silicone rubber pads “grip” any nonporous surface. The desktop kit is ideal for testing how a SolidDrive will sound on any horizontal or vertical surface prior to permanent installation.

Digital Signage

SolidDrive is widely used for digital signage in museums, interactive exhibits, touch screen directories, trade show exhibits, and self-help kiosks. The unit is generally mounted inside or behind the display - it only takes moments to install and remains completely invisible to the end user. SolidDrive resonates the entire surface on which it’s installed, so your audience is treated to clean, full-range sound that emanates from the entire display. There’s no better solution for digital signage - SolidDrive makes an impression that just can’t be replicated with traditional speakers.

Sound Masking

Sound masking introduces a constant, unobtrusive noise that “masks” distracting sounds and conversations, giving off the impression of a much quieter space. Popular in cubicle spaces and hospitals, it’s been shown to increase worker productivity and privacy, while reducing employee stress. However, common sound masking systems use traditional loudspeakers – which create “hot” and “cold” spots throughout the room. SolidDrive does not. In addition, SolidDrive is easier to install, uses less amplification, and doubles as an effective paging/background music system.