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SolidDrive: The Perfect Bathroom Speakers?

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The idea of showering to music is certainly appealing, but who wants visible speakers in their bathroom? Traditional bathroom speakers present a number of problems, so most people simply choose to do without.

When you search the market for bathroom speakers, you’ll see that virtually all of them have to:

1) sit on bathroom counters or shelves
2) mount to walls or ceilings
3) hang off your showerhead

The workaround? Many users have discovered that SolidDrives make the perfect bathroom speakers. Unlike a conventional speaker, SolidDrive produces great sound without taking up any space or interfering with room aesthetics. Check out this recent installation in a master bathroom:

SolidDrive Bathroom Speakers Speaker System Sound System

SolidDrives make ideal bathroom speakers – they’re totally invisible!

SolidDrive Bathroom Speakers Speaker System Sound System (2)

A SolidDrive transducer mounted directly above the shower












SolidDrive can be installed:

1) INSIDE ceilings, walls, or cabinets
2) Behind mirrors
3) Underneath vanity tops
4) Inside the bathtub/shower housing
5) On the outside of a glass shower (visible, but barely)

Although SolidDrive isn’t waterproof like some bathroom speakers are, it doesn’t have to be! When mounted behind walls/ceiling, mirrors, or inside the shower housing, the SolidDrive isn’t exposed to any moisture. But SolidDrive isn’t a traditional speaker – the sealed, UL 1480 and UL 2043 compliant transducers are designed for long-term exposure to heat and steam, which makes mounting inside the bathroom completely safe as well. SolidDrives are so rugged they carry a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty!


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