Commercial Applications


Office Environments     •     Hospitals     •     Government Agencies

Sheetrock (known internationally as drywall or gypsum board) poses a problem for sound masking applications. You will not get any sound if you put a conventional masking speaker above the sheetrock in a plenum air space. SolidDrive provides the perfect solution. A single (UL2043-listed) SD1 placed on the sheetrock within the plenum air space will provide even distribution of sound, at +/- 3 dB output, with no drop-offs for 25 feet (762 cm) in any direction. The sound will stop at the ceiling boundaries. SolidDrive’s patented design allows you to place it anywhere on the sheetrock; it is not necessary to put it in the center of the ceiling.

The SolidDrive should be treated as an 8 ohm speaker for connection; optional external 70/100 volt transformers are available in junction boxes.

Window Applications

Store Fronts     •     Patio Seating     •     Trade Show Displays

SolidDrive has been utilized for window displays both commercially and in the home. An SD1g unit will turn both sides of a window pane into a planar speaker; the sound will radiate equally on both sides of the glass. The unit will not fall off, nor can it be casually pulled off the glass due to our use of 3M VHB double-stick tape (be certain of your SolidDrive location on the window before committing to the tape! It can be removed with alcohol, but the tape won’t be reusable). The SolidDrive will provide equal output over the entire surface from almost any placement; we recommend a placement of 4 – 6 inches (10 – 15 cm) from the corner.

o If used on a store window display, make sure the back response will not disturb the showroom floor.
o If used on double pane glass, sound will only come out the side where the SD1g is mounted.
o SolidDrive will not work on bullet proof glass.
o SolidDrive will not work on glass that has been treated to reduce audio transmissions (popular in zoos).

We suggest using our SD1 Desktop Kit-250 to ensure your proposed SolidDrive window installation will work.

Digital Signage

Trade Show Exhibits    •    Interactive Directories    •    Museums

digital signage soliddrive soundtubeSolidDrive is widely used for digital signage in museums, interactive exhibits, touch screen directories, trade show exhibits, and self-help kiosks. The unit is generally mounted inside or behind the display – it only takes moments to install and remains completely invisible to the end user. SolidDrive resonates the entire surface on which it’s installed, so your audience is treated to clean, full-range sound that emanates from the entire display. There’s no better solution for digital signage – SolidDrive makes an impression that just can’t be replicated with traditional speakers.