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SolidDrive Conference Room Sound System Only Takes ONE HOUR to Install

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Did you know that SolidDrive makes the ideal conference room sound system? Installation is simple, requiring only basic tools and about an hour of your time. This submission comes to us from IT giant Symantec Corp.

Conference Room Sound System - SolidDrive Symantec

The Symantec building houses several striking conference rooms that weren’t pre-wired for sound. Although it’s fairly easy to modify floating ceilings for sound, Symantec ceilings are fixed.

Why Not a Conventional Conference Room Sound System?

Installing ceiling speakers, as is common in many conference room sound systems, would involve removing and patching sections of the wall and ceiling. Wall-mounted speakers are a better option, but involve visible speakers and cable raceways that would detract from the room’s elegant simplicity.

The Solution?

Build the sound directly into the conference room table! This conference room sound system utilized two (2) SD1sm SolidDrives, a wood EQ, and a SolidDrive SD-250 amplifier. The large, sturdy table effortlessly transmits sound with ample volume for any presentation. Because the entire system is simply drilled into the underside of the table, installation took under an hour.

Conference Room Sound System - SolidDrive Symantec 2
A SolidDrive conference room sound system can be installed in less than one hour!
SolidDrive Saves Time and Cost, While Preserving Aesthetics

Not only did Symantec save a lot of money with the SolidDrive conference room sound system, but they also avoided time consuming room modifications and visible speakers. Installation requires only a power drill, drill bits, and wood screws – so professional installation isn’t necessarily required. It’s easy to use, too – the system uses a conventional 1/8″ headphone jack, with a gain knob on the SA-250 amplifier to control volume.



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