Residential Applications

Home Theater

Inside Walls • Inside Ceilings

Background-Living RoomYour home is your space – so keep it that way! SolidDrive is the world’s first invisible, high-fidelity solution for home theater, ideal for multifunctional rooms. Now you can have great, full-range surround sound – WITHOUT any visible speakers.

For best results, use two (2) SolidDrives per channel, placed in the same area that a conventional speaker would be placed. Couple the SolidDrive system with the IW200 in-wall subwoofer for extended low-end response present in movies.

Stereo / Ambient Sound

Inside Ceilings • Inside Cabinets • Underneath Counters

With it’s wide, even sound field, SolidDrive performs equally well for surround-sound movies in a theater room as it does for stereo music playback in a kitchen or garage. When placed in ceilings, inside cabinets, and under counters, SolidDrive gives of the impression of omnidirectional sound – that is, sound that seems to “appear” out of nowhere.

SolidDrive’s omnidirectional sound field makes it the ideal audio solution for entertaining, background music, and casual listening. Because it uses conventional audio hookups, it can easily integrate with any multi-room distributed audio system.

Bathroom Sound

Inside Ceilings, Walls, or Cabinets • Behind Mirrors • Inside Bathtub/Shower Housing • Outside of a Glass Shower

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Bathrooms present traditional speakers with two problems: heat and steam. Conventional bathroom speakers utilize a “sealed” design to prevent moisture from entering, but remain clearly visible.

Although SolidDrive isn’t waterproof like some shower speakers are, it doesn’t have to be! When mounted behind walls/ceiling, mirrors, or inside the shower housing, the SolidDrive doesn’t have to be exposed to water. The sealed, UL 1480 and UL 2043 compliant transducers are designed for long-term exposure to heat and steam as well.

Outdoor / Patio Sound

Patios • Swimming Pools • Gazebos  Garages
Background-technologyWhen attached to a window, SolidDrive actually produces sound on both sides of the glass surface. Mounting a SolidDrive on the interior surface keeps the unit away from the elements and eliminates complicated exterior wire runs. In fact, the glass SD1g is incredibly easy to install – simply mount it on a glass surface using the provided heavy duty mounting tape, and you’re done!

o If used on a store window display, make sure the back response will not disturb the showroom floor.
o If used on double pane glass, sound will only come out the side where the SD1g is mounted.
o SolidDrive will not work on bullet proof glass.
o SolidDrive will not work on glass that has been treated to reduce audio transmissions (popular in zoos).
We suggest using our SD1 Desktop Kit-250 (see below) to ensure your proposed SolidDrive window installation will work.