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SolidDrive Adds Sound Masking Models to Line

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SoundTube’s sister company SolidDrive has introduced a line of products designed for sound masking applications. The MSK-1, MSK-1G and MSK-1SM are used to convert hard surfaces such as drywall, glass or wood into speakers, enabling hidden sound masking in rooms where traditional sound masking speakers don’t work. The units’ planar-source technology evenly distributes sound masking signals throughout the listening space; each unit provides broad and even coverage of up to 15 feet in a drywall installation.

SolidDrive is also introducing transformer versions, the MSK-1-T, MSK-1G-T, and MSK-1SM-T for use in distributed 70V sound masking systems.

Made in the USA, SolidDrive units operate in a virtually friction-free environment and are engineered for long life; units come with a 7-year factory warranty. SolidDrive products are available in the commercial AV industry via SoundTube representatives, dealers and distributors.

UL 1480 and UL2043 listings are pending for all models.