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Trade Show Booth Sound Systems – 5 Popular Solutions

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As trade shows continue to grow and increase in popularity, vendors often utilize the latest developments in audio/visual technology to capture the attention of their target market. Just check out these impressive displays from Green Waters and Chauvet Professional!

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As a manufacturer of some of the industry’s highest quality commercial speakers, we know that the right trade show booth sound system can add a new dimension to your display. Whether it’s background music, interactive exhibits, or a PA system for shows and announcements, you want your message to be heard in a way that not only fits your theme, but compliments the decor of your booth. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve compiled a list of the five most common types of trade show booth sound systems we’ve helped build over the years.

1) Surface Mount Speakers

Surface mount speakers consist of a speaker housing attached to a connection point, usually a swiveling arm or bracket.


When it comes to simplicity in trade show booth sound, surface mount speakers are easy to install and generally the cheapest of the group. Their low cost and ease of installation make it possible to run a small array in order to get good, even sound dispersion. Mounting options are versatile – Surface mount speakers can be affixed to display panels or suspended from truss. Swiveling arms and brackets allow you to place the sound exactly where it needs to go.

Suitable Speakers: Soundtube SM & SM-WX; Many of Soundtube’s pendant speakers can also be converted to a surface-mount speaker by utilizing a special bracket.

2) Flush Mount Speakers

Flush Mount Speakers are most common in classrooms, meeting rooms, and home theater. They utilize a low-profile flange in order to mount directly into a wall, ceiling, or panel.


This type of trade show booth sound system can be hidden from view easily. Most of the time, they are mounted permanently into a trade show booth panel, reducing setup/tear-down time and cost. Keep in mind that the non-enclosed, free-air models are not designed for bass duty, so choose carefully. To avoid using a subwoofer for light music playback, choose an enclosed flush mount speaker such as the Soundtube CM-EZ-FS.

Suitable Speakers: Soundtube IW, CM-EZ, CM-BGM, CM-EZ-FS, & RF Series. Phase Technology CS Micro Series

3) Pendant Speakers

Pendant speakers are common in venues with high, open ceilings, such as grocery stores and gyms. They use a downward-facing speaker housing suspended from the ceiling.


When utilized for a trade show booth sound system, pendant speakers offer excellent, controlled sound dispersion throughout the entire booth. Only 2-4 speakers are necessary to be effective. They don’t have to be built into the booth at all, and offer strong low-end. Although for high SPL applications, a pendant subwoofer is recommended.

Pendant speakers are typically only seen at high-end booths since they must be hung from the venue ceiling by certified rigging personnel. If this isn’t an option, consider hanging pendant speakers from trussing in your booth.

Suitable speakers: Soundtube RSi, RS-EZ, & HPi; Phase Technology HS Series.

4) SolidDrive

One of our favorite trade show booth sound solutions, the SolidDrive SD1 is unique to MSE Audio and isn’t technically a speaker at all. The SolidDrive is a sound transducer that transmits acoustical energy into any rigid or semi-rigid surface, such as glass, plexiglass, wood, granite, metal, laminate, or drywall.


SolidDrive transducers are completely invisible to your audience. Since the SolidDrive transducer turns an entire surface into a “speaker” of sorts, it’s impossible to pinpoint the source of the sound, immersing the listener in a way that traditional loudspeakers can’t replicate. Although the SolidDrive isn’t intended for high-SPL applications or public address, these excel in applications with interactive panels or displays that feature immersive sound effects.

5) Parabolic Speakers

Parabolic speakers are similar to pendant speakers in that they are hung from the ceiling. Popular in museums, the parabolic design works like a satellite dish, projecting sound in a very narrow pattern onto a single person or a small group of listeners.


Although they are less common at trade shows, they might just give your booth the unique edge you’re looking for. Parabolic speakers are perfect for booths with multiple exhibits since the sound is contained underneath the parabola. Their high directivity can work well with other types of speakers in the same booth; For example, using pendant speakers for background music, with parabolic speakers directly above individual exhibits.

Suitable speakers: Soundtube Secret Sound Series.


To find out more about trade show booth sound systems, post your questions and comments on our FACEBOOK site. Make the most of your booth by utilizing tips from sites and blogs like Skyline and Exhibitor Central.

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