• A New Way to Experience Music
    SolidDrive's revolutionary technology changes what's possible in home audio. Rather than just adding speakers to a room, SolidDrive transforms that room, making use of common household materials. With SolidDrive, sound radiates from a large surface area, blanketing a room with smooth, even audio throughout.
  • Amazing Audio with Nothing Visible
    Imagine your home filled with high-fidelity sound, without the loud and soft variations caused by traditional speakers. Imagine one big "sweet spot" that encompasses your entire listening area. Imagine it without wires, bulky speaker cabinets, or exposed grilles. Imagine your home with SolidDrive.
  • Heard but Not Seen
    The system itself is entirely invisible, with drives mounted behind cabinets, under tables, in ceilings, or behind walls. Unlike a conventional in-wall speaker, no grille gives away its position. The only evidence it's there is in the dazzling sound filling the room.

Sound Without Speakers

Solid Drive® is the solution for invisible sound, providing a hidden sound source for in-wall, in-ceiling, surface mount, and glass applications. The patented technology at the heart of SolidDrive® transforms nearly any rigid or semi-rigid surface (wood, sheetrock, glass, metal and more) into a sound source. The powerful SolidDrive directly transfers acoustic energy to the surface it’s mounted to, creating a large and dynamic sound field.

With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive gives you
the freedom to have Sound without Speakers.


SolidDrive Technology

Produce sound through most solid surfaces with our patented SolidDrive technology. Choose from a range of drives to fit your specific needs.

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SolidDrive Technology

Power up the subwoofer or multiple subwoofers of the same model. Amplifiers and Passive Equalization Modules also available.

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SolidDrive Technology

This kit is ideal for use on top of any horizontal surface including glass, metal, wood, ceramics, laminates, and composites.

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